A Night in Athens





A NIGHT IN ATHENS is a film about comedian Angelo Tsarouchas’ stand-up performance in front of a sold-out audience at the Michael Cacoyiannis Foundation theater in Athens, Greece. His performance is a hilarious take on Angelo’s challenges growing up Greek thousand of miles away from Greece. The film fulfills a lifelong wish of Angelo’s father for his son to perform in Greece. This is the second project following the filming of his documentary BACK TO SPARTA; a personal story of triumph for Angelo who made a comeback after suffering personal and professional setbacks and an exploration of his father’s birthplace of Dafni, Lakonia. Today he tours regularly around the globe and he can boast that his one hour Showtime special “Bigger is Better” was watched by over 14 million viewers. Angelo feels that these two projects would have made his father very happy. To honor his father’s memory, Angelo donated all of the proceeds from the event to local charities in Athens.

Director: George Tsioutsioulas
Producer: Robert Cordileone
Executive Producers: Michael Mosca, Robert Cordileone, Nick Baillie

*Taken from an article by Vasilis Papoutsis for hollywood.greekreporter.com


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