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Back to Sparta
Against all odds, AngeloTsarouchas has found success and built a name for himself in one of the most difficult professions - stand up comedy.
His career has taken him to stages around the world but ironically the one place he has never performed is the country he feels most connected to - Greece. BACK TO SPARTA is a documentary about Angelo fulfilling his dream to perform in the country of his ancestors and discover the country that has always held a special place in his heart.


 A Night in Athens

A hilarious film about comedian Angelo Tsarouchas’ stand-up performance in front of a sold-out audience at the Michael Cacoyiannis Foundation theater in Athens, Greece. His performance is a hilarious take on Angelo’s challenges growing up Greek thousand of miles away from Greece. The film fulfills a lifelong wish of Angelo’s father for his son to perform in Greece.

The Rooster of St. Victor

In this fun family comedy, a village rooster's punctual (and loud!) crowing keeps everyone awake until a group of sleepy locals hatch a scheme to get rid of him.


A Fish Story

After his sudden death, a devoted father's search for heaven brings him back to his distraught family and his wilderness fishing camp for a few precious days in the body of a wanted man.


A drama that chronicles the life of Winnie Mandela from her childhood through her marriage, her struggle to keep her husband’s dream alive during his incarceration and finally his liberation.