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*Main characters as depicted in the upcoming Djinn Wars comic book


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Osilin – the old world

Perched on the rings of the fourth moon, Osilin is a magical land of serenity beloved by all – but such was not always the case. A century’s passing had healed the savagery and strife caused by the Demon Wars. It was a victory hundreds of years in the making and not without its cost, for Osilin had changed.


The borders and bonds between the four kingdoms – Talbia, Faun, Qait and Cree – had been irreparably shattered, forcing friend and foe to adhere to an unwelcome truce to maintain balance in a world they no longer recognized, let alone understood. These kingdoms were not alone in their grief, for the four Djinn leaders – Ania, Danica, Tsian and Ciri, who had been sent to this world in Osilin’s darkest hour, could never return home. It was a hollow victory few remember, and a bitter end to a new beginning for darker days lay ahead.


Now an oath has been broken. A horrific force has resurfaced with a familiar foe standing behind an even greater villain. Bent on destroying the world she believes betrayed her, Sabella Jann, the dark mistress with an insatiable thirst for power, will begin her fight to conquer Osilin anew. Resilient in purpose, the populace of Osilin will not go quietly in the night. They will look to the Djinn to lead them to victory once more. It is a hope as fleeting as the north wind. The Djinn have been compromised. The sisterhood and bond that once united them died a century ago, leaving Osilin’s future teetering on the brink of destruction.

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