Mommy is at the Hairdresser's










It's summer 1966. Time to enjoy summer vacation, total freedom, running wild in the fields, and crazy giggles with friends. But as she becomes more aware of the dreams, sorrows and lies of the people closest to her, Élise sees her mother's sudden abandonment thoroughly disrupt her family. While her brother Coco stubbornly seeks refuge in constructing a super car, the youngest, Benoît, plummets deep into his own internal world, retreating ever-further in the furnace room. As for her father, he is simply overwhelmed by the situation. Élise decides to take the helm of her drifting family in a poignant attempt to save them. With support from the living and breathing surrounding nature and the silent comfort Monsieur Mouche offers, Élise is on the verge of experiencing a summer unlike any other.

Cast: Céline Bonnier, Marianne Fortier, Lenie Scoffié, Élie Dupuis, Hugo St-Onge-Paquin, Laurent Lucas, Gabriel Arcand, Paule Ducharme, Antoine Desrochers, Benjamin Chouinard
Director: Léa Poole
Producers: Lyse Lafontaine, Michael Mosca


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