Roman Diary

The movie opens in Beverly Hills, California. Andrea, a beautiful American woman, sits on her bed reading a diary. In her hand is a photo of her young mother kissing a handsome Italian man on a lake terrace near Rome.
Andrea is engaged to Jack, a very powerful politician who will soon be the governor of California. During the height of Jack's political campaign, Andrea rebels against the strenuous demands of her official duties, where every minute of her time is scheduled, and adventures on a trip to Italy in search for her mother's past.
In Rome, Andrea meets Mario, a local handyman. Mario is a widower with a sad past. His mysterious personality intrigues Andrea, who offers him a large sum of cash to be her personal tour guide. Mario feels that Andrea is spoiled and her expectations often clash with his Italian culture.  However, he is in need of money and takes the job. Andrea embarks on a journey through Rome with Mario in his old Fiat. They spend day after day seeing the sights as Andrea searches for the famous terrace in her mother's photograph. During this time, Andrea slowly opens up to Mario, sharing with him her dream of living a normal life without the responsibilities and restrictions of a politician's wife. As their friendship grows stronger, they start developing stronger feelings for each other.  This relationship is cut short by the unexpected arrival of Jack, who persuades Andrea to go back to the States and resume her duties during his election.  Andrea agrees to go back but decides to stay in Italy for two more days. On this journey, Andrea will not only find the man in her mother's photo, but her real roots and ultimately true love.

Cast: Victor Alfieri

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