The Rooster of St. Victor


Le Coq de St-Victor1

Le Coq de St-Victor2

Le Coq de St-Victor3

Le Coq de St-Victor

The mayor of St-Victor is proud of the economic dynamism and orderliness of his village. And he gives full credit for the village’s vigorous success to one individual, his valiant rooster; an astonishingly loud and punctual rooster that awakens all the villagers at precisely 4 o’clock in the morning – every day of the week, be it a work day, a Saturday, a Sunday or a holiday. But some of the villagers have had quite enough of the rooster’s relentless early morning crowing…and decide to put a price on his head. They succeed in ousting the raucous rooster but the village immediately suffers negative consequences. Alarmed at the village’s sudden social and economic downturn, a group of citizens will form a special squad to retrieve the bird. THE ROOSTER OF ST-VICTOR is a highly entertaining ode to perseverance and punctuality 
filled with comedy and laughter!
 Tony Robinow, Claudia Besso, Alain Goulem, Angela Galuppo, Terrence Scammell, Thor Bishopric, Michel Perron, Simon Peacock, Gaston Lepage, Marcel Jeannin, Mike Paterson, Holly Gauthier-Frankel and Liz MacRae

Pierre Greco

 Johanne Mercier and Pierre Greco

Production company: 
Productions 10e Ave

: Nancy Florence Savard


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